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Folio 01. New Work
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lions milk
black spice
drunken botanist
ice cube
into the wild1
into the wild2
mumble bee
sumac ade
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Folio 02. The Palomar Cookbook - Here Design
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Strange flowers
Mauvais herbes x Vanessa Bruno
Diptyque logo patter
Birds and leaves
Tree, Universal music
Vogue Russia
Straight lines

Observation of geometry in nature

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Folio 03. Botanical drawings
Folio info
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In the style of David Hockney
Horizontal Frame
Poet wives, Hommage a Delmore Schwartz
W&K poster exhibition
El flasherito, ART Newspaper
Paul Klee's drawing breakdancing pattern
Paul Klee's drawing breakdancing

Drawings based on ideas, mostly related to art or personal interests.

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Folio 04. Personal and unclassified works
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Guardian Music, Glastonbury Festival
Guardian Music, Glastonbury Festival
Walker Books, What's the Drama Malibu Bennet?
Christian Dior, Capture Total
Toast Magazine, DIM SUM
Cables x Hermes
La Repubblica, It
Coca Cola bottle 100th anniversary
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Folio 05. Music, style, leisure, fashion and food
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Very very abstract
Black noise (close up)
Universal music
Universal music
Black noise
Another noise
Triangles x Greens
Geometric and organic
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Folio 06. Abstract patterns. Both organic and geometrical