The Design Museum celebrates it’s 30th birthday

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Happy 30th to the Design Museum from Breed

As we’ve mentioned previously the Design Museum celebrates its 30th birthday this year and they’ve invited Breed artists to take part in a 30th campaign they’re running on their Instagram channel.

They’ve asked 30 artists to create a design based on the number 30 in their own style. We’re happy to present the completed work of our artists here, including pieces by Craig & Karl, Danny Sangra, Matt Blease, Steven Wilson, Quentin Jones, James Joyce and Anna Bu Kliewer. We love the fact that each of them are so different and yet so distinctive.

They’ll be joining other artists including Sir Antony Gormley, Margaret Calvert, Allen Jones, Sebastian Bergne and Kenneth Grange, all of whose work will be appearing on the Design Museum’s Instagram as well as in their newsletter.