The Art of Ping Pong 2016

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James Joyce, Matt Blease and Studio Moross are all involved for this year’s The Art of Ping Pong 2016.

Supporting Alzheimer’s Society


For the complete list of those involved this year, see below:

  1. Designer Morag Myerscough
  2. Conceptual artists Jake and Dinos Chapman
  3. Typographer Alan Kitching
  4. Illustrator Jacob Everett
  5. Pop artist Philip Colbert
  6. Graphic artist Filfury
  7. Jewellery designers Nylon Sky
  8. Illustrator Damien Poulain
  9. Artists Kai & Sunny
  10. Photographer Jo Lacey
  11. Sculptor Wilfred Wood
  12. Illustrator John Burgerman
  13. Illustrator Linda Linko
  14. Illustrator Lakwena Maciver
  15. Illustrator Lauren Rolwing
  16. Conceptual artist Ryan Gander
  17. Street artist Thierry Noir
  18. Artist James Joyce
  19. Illustrator David Shillinglaw
  20. Illustrator Matt Blease
  21. Designers Studio Moross