Danny Sangra Illustration

Folio 01.Illustration

  • Full Metal Jacket
  • The Shining

Folio 02.Animation

Folio 03.Type by Danny

Folio 04.Burberry

‘Yeah Sure Real Mature’
A solo exhibition by Danny Sangra.

June 2017

Curated by ARKITIP. Hosted by Alldayeveryday

Folio 05.Yeah Sure Real Mature

Folio 06.Pepsi Not Wine

Folio 07.Imagery

  • Adam Garber Promotion
  • Death on the Road
  • Dinosaurs in Fighter Jets
  • Godzilla and Mike Tyson
  • Goldbricks in Bloom
  • I Love You More Than Ice Cream But Not More Than Pizza
  • John Cooper Clarke Burnley
  • Leather Bitch Velvet Villains
  • Peanut Butter on my Sweatpants
  • Purple Leather Suit
  • Scraps in Grimsby
  • Switch Blade Romance
  • Times Up Chump
  • Why Email

I hand draw all my type. It started with writing notes to promote my films and other projects, they then took a life of their own.

Folio 08.Type

  • Baku Magazine Spread
  • Baku Magazine Spread
  • Coney Island Guls
  • Tokion Magazine Spread
  • Tokion Magazine Spread
  • Tokion Magazine Spread
  • Tokion Magazine Spread
  • Tom Vek Promo Poster

I like to play with different elements and rework them. Here’s a few of my favourite editorial pieces

Folio 09.Mixed Media

  • Don't Take Your Gun to Town
  • Shipwreck Gillette
  • Thanks Gumby
  • This Ain't Batman
  • California Dreaming
  • Calvins Gun
  • Carter
  • Cherry
  • Footsie With A Pig
  • Hey Sandy
  • Kaboom
  • Leather Bitch Meanwood
  • Leather Bitch Exhibition Invite
  • Leather Bitch Zipper Lips
  • Lois Vuiton Feather Print
  • Maxine Fish
  • Twister
  • Venkman Burn Jacket

A collection of personal work painted, drawn and collaged from things I have collected.

Folio 10.Don't Take Your Gun to Town

  • Beautiful People
  • Calvin Horovitz
  • Fish Arms
  • Juggling the Solar System
  • Mr Plubshine
  • Readers Delight
  • Sloane Petersons Advice
  • What's for Dinner?
  • Wilkins
  • You Killed Me

Work I make while sat at my desk, random thoughts, doodles but no retouching. I just photograph it in place on my desk.

Folio 11.Desk Work

  • Dannys Wolf
  • Lapin
  • No Place But Down
  • Nomad
  • Rabbit Hutch
  • Sabines Bird

I don’t have a pet but I like animals.

Folio 12.Animals