New Breed key rings created by Anna Walker

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We recently worked with the amazing Anna Walker (who, for those in the know, is closely linked to Matt Blease) to create limited edition Breed key rings, that we can give to a few of our favourite people.

We loved working with Anna on this project and are bowled over by the results, complete with our James Joyce ‘specs’ logo.  Shown here are a few shots of them in the making…

Each of the key rings was designed and made by hand in London, using the highest quality vegetable-tanned clay Italian leather with gold foil for the Breed logo.

Vegetable-tanning is the most traditional technique for treating leather. An environmentally-friendly process, it uses natural tannins extracted from wood, bark, fruits and leaves. The raw-cut edges and unlined interiors of the designs celebrate the natural elegance of this beautiful material.

The Anna Walker ethos is informed by a love for clean lines, functionality and minimalist luxury. Constructed by specialist crafts people her timeless yet modern leather goods burnish beautifully with use and exposure to the elements and, over time, develop a warm, unique patina.

All of her leather products can be personalised with gold foil or blind debossed lettering by hand in her East London studio.

You can read more about Anna and see her current collection in full at Anna Walker London