Exclusive sweater designs for HIT+RUN

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Horse sweats

If you’re already starting to panic about Christmas presents this year, then Danny Sangra may be able to help you out with an ethical option. He’s one of a number of artists to have designed prints to be made available on t-shirts, sweat shirts and hoodies from HIT+RUN. His design, seen here front and back, is equine-based in one way or another.

HIT+RUN is an independent clothing store, run along strict ethical lines. It prints designs to order on organic, fair-trade t-shirts and sweatshirts, each being printed to order, so there’s no overstock to be thrown away as landfill. It uses non-toxic inks and ships its products in non-plastic packaging.

This set, with 25 contributing artists, known as the ANTI-FAST FASHION CHRISTMAS JUMPERS, is a strictly limited edition, available from 1 December until Christmas Day, after which they’ll be gone for good. So, no time to be hanging about – if you want something warm, welcoming and exclusive to put under the Christmas tree for someone special, order yours now.