Karl Lagerfeld

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Steven Wilson’s capsule collection for Karl Lagerfeld

On 1 April 2017, Steven Wilson launched his collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld. The capsule collection takes in ready-to-wear items including t-shirts, tunic shirts, an embroidered silk bomber jacket and a double layer dress, and a range of accessories including bags, phone covers and a USB keychain.

Steven has taken his inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld’s iconic image itself, his sunglasses, Choupette, his pet cat, and his camera artwork. These have been combined with Steven’s signature swirling psychedelic style in primary pop colours.

The designs are silk screen printed, using a technique which Steven describes as follows:

‘The graphics use a very specific process which was one of my earliest discoveries and a technique I still love using. The principle behind the graphics is that they are made using just three layers. Abstract cyan, magenta and yellow shapes are laid on top of one another to create a design that has identifiable form.

The beauty of this process is that where the colours overlay you get secondary colours. For example, where the magenta hits the yellow, you get red, and where the cyan hits the yellow you get green, and so on. From three layers, you get seven colours.’

The range is available now at Karl Lagerfeld Full Price stores, and Karl.com

The full collection and detail images can be seen below.