Piece by Steven Wilson for KK Outlet

KK Outlet

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When most of us take to our bikes, and pop the windows or roof on our cars, if we have one – is inspired by our desire to turn hate-filled roads into happy roads. A mutual respect for all road users in every vehicle, even if that vehicle is your own two legs.

Steve chose to illustrate a version of the well known road safety term ‘stop, look and listen’ which was adapted to ‘stop, look and smile’. He chose to illustrate it around the three circles and colours from a traffic light, each of which was given a twist to communicate the new phrase.

Featuring a stellar line up illustrators, artists and designers, this exhibition tackles the problem with positive and beautifully design-led messages.

Contributors include Alex May Hughes / Annu Kilpeläinen / Anthony Burrill
 / Biff / Bolt / Chrissie Abbott / Craig and Karl / Crispin Finn / Dorothy / Fred Butler / Hattie Stewart
 / Jordy van den Nieuwendijk / Laura Callaghan / Luke Miller / Martin Nicolausson / Matt H Booth / Ornamental Conifer / Pam et Jenny / Pat Bradbury / Pâté / Peter Judson / Sam Dunn / Saskia Pomeroy / Satta / Steven Wilson / Supermundane / Suzi Kemp / Ute Geisler / We Three Club / Yoko Honda.