Meet the team at Studio Moross

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Many of you will know Kate Moross, and the vibrant illustrative style she’s added to numerous magazines, videos, and even textiles. Since 2012 she has also run Studio Moross, a multi-award-winning collection of colourful characters who work with musicians great and small to create print, packaging, film and branding that really attracts attention. You want some names? Try One Direction, Disclosure, Wild Beasts and Sam Smith for starters.

Recently, we worked with Kate on some new shots taken of her and her team at the studio. And that seemed like a good excuse to introduce them to all of you out there in Breed land.

Here they all are, assembled outside the studio. From l-r they are:

Studio Manager Jess Penfold, motion designer Tim Marriot, graphic illustrator Andrew Khatouli, designer Charlie Patterson, 3D & 2D animator Rose Pilkington, head of video Linus Kraemer, Director Kate Moross and and the ever-doodling illustrator Guy Field. Plus not forgetting Ebi and Tako – Kate’s two dogs.

You can see more of the team and what Studio Moross get up to by visiting

Plus a bit more on the team as individuals below.

Kate herself – head honcho, boss and direction-pointer for the team.

Guy Field wandered into the studio one day in 2012, and he seemed harmless, so they decided to let him stay. He’s a constant doodler, and no piece of paper or surface is safe in his presence. He’s also a somewhat unique illustrator, who brings his strange yet beautiful style to many projects.

Linus was the studio’s original animator. It’s fair to say he’s kept the studio on the move ever since, both on screen and to the beat, as he harbours musical skills as well.

As well as being confectionery-provider-in-chief and head of morale, Charlie Patterson is master of eye-challenging geometric paintings and optical art.

Rose Pilkington is our 3D rainbow of swirling pastel shades, our digital dreamscape, our unicorn acid trip,  she joined the video team in July 2015. With her comes the almighty master of zen, Seal the whippet.

The best there is the best there was the best there will ever be, can you smell what Andrew Khatouli is cooking? To be the man, you’ve got to beat the man, and you can’t teach that. He’s our illustrator whizz kid, and that’s the bottom line.

Timmy Marriott, The Studio Heartthrob. he moved from Bristol to join us as a Motion designer. The tallest member of Studio Moross; he measures 6 foot 4 in flats, but has abnormally small hands. Loves vinyl and DJs to us while we are on our lunch break, which is delightful.

Jess is Studio Manager, and an expert on super-heroes. Both come in useful keeping a place like Studio Moross in order, and she frequently demonstrates her own superhuman ability to produce snacks at will.

Shown here are a selection of shots of the team at Studio Moross HQ.