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Matt Blease says hello with Mentos

Matt has been working in a new illustrative medium – using sweets as his canvas. More specifically, his work has appeared on Mentos sweets, in a collaboration with ad agency BBH called ‘A nicer way to say hello’.

The idea is that each Mentos sweet has an illustration and message, designed by Matt, each of which is an ice breaker for you to hand to someone to say hello. Those messages range from ‘High five’ and ‘Fist bump’ to ‘Do yoga’ and ‘Hide and Seek’. It’s a way to meet people and make new friends in the real world.

There are 34 designs in all, available in limited edition packs of Mentos. Look out for them, and see who you can get to know better with Matt’s help.

A selection of Matt’s illustrations can be see here.

Oh, and you can find out more by watching the video here.