First Anniversary

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It’s been a year since Quentin ones joined us at Breed. You may remember some of the highlights of that year, including Marella’s ART.365 capsule collection, the Florence and the Machine cover and article for Elle (there’s a second cover appearing this month), and the Selfridges Rocks Christmas campaign. More recently, Quentin’s been working again with biannual magazine Twin. As we head into year two, and also to celebrate Quentin moving into her new studio in Soho, we caught up with her for a quick chat:

How has the first year been for you?

Great! Really nice having someone in London looking out for illustration projects for me. 

You’ve recently moved into your new studio in London. Are you all set up there now?

Yup! It feels really energising to be working in Soho, so happy to have put in the effort to move. 

How did you choose the location?

I knew I wanted to be central, but waited until I found the right space, with nice light and open plan rooms.  

Is it a part of London you’re familiar with?

Yes and no. I grew up nearby, but you never truly know an area until you spend every day on the street around you. I now know where is best for coffee/lunch/cocktails…

Does this mean you’ll be making London more of a permanent base for the time being?

Ha ha! Not necessarily. There could be another stint in NY on the horizons. TBC!

Any upcoming projects for 2019 you can tell us about?

I just finished editing a film with the Kardashians which, as you can imagine, was one to remember…

Photos: Cat Garcia