New Haig Club Clubman video

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Just recently, we told you about a new campaign for Haig Club Clubman that Quentin Jones has been working on. It came via adam&eveDDB and is promoting the launch of Haig Club’s new pre-mixed cocktails in cans.

We’re now pleased to be able to show you the latest moving image piece Quentin created for the campaign, as it continues. It features the line ‘Ready when you are’ in a whirl of lines and splashes in Quentin’s signature bold, summery colours.

The new cans come with two mixers – single grain Scotch whisky and root ginger ale with lime, or single grain Scotch whisky with crafted cola.

Haig Club is co-founded by brand partner David Beckham, packaged in distinctive blue bottles aimed at bringing a new audience to the joys of sipping good Scotch whisky.