Quentin Jones recommends her favourite podcasts of the month

Podcast of the Month with Quentin Jones

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Our favourite podcasts

Once upon a time we used to have spaces in the day, perhaps when travelling to work, going for a run, sitting in bed, when we might spend some time reading a book, listening to music, or vacantly gazing into space, thinking about nothing in particular. Not any longer, nowadays many of us are filling that time with podcasts.

But there are so many podcasts out there, how do you decide what to listen to? We often go by recommendations from friends and colleagues. So, we thought each month we’d ask one of our friends and colleagues at Breed about which podcasts they’d recommend.

This month: Quentin Jones

Which three podcasts would you recommend?


A series of ten podcasts by New York Times journalist Rukmini Callimachi reporting on ISIS and her attempts to understand it by talking to both its victims and active participants.

Find it here.

Slow Burn

If you thought the Trump administration was where modern political scandal, intrigue and being economical with the truth began in modern political history, Slow Burn puts you right. Host, journalist Leon Neyfakh, takes you through Watergate in Season 1 and Bill Clintons impeachment in Season 2.

Find it here.

High Low

As the title suggests, Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes’ podcast combine news and politics with celeb culture trivia, usually with great wit, and always at ridiculous speed. So, by the time you realise you don’t know what they’re on about at one point, they’re already on to the next subject.

Find it here.