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Window-shopping at 18montrose

Danny Sangra was recently asked to illustrate the windows of 18montrose’s new London store at Kings Cross. Naturally, he did so in his own inimitable style, using words and symbols, partly to let people know what the store doesn’t offer – hot bagels, for example. For those that may not know, 18montrose occupy a space where fashion store and gallery meet. Their Kings Cross store is 5,000 square feet, divided into three zones, each one dedicated to footwear, clothing and design objects respectively.

To coincide with Danny’s involvement, the 18montrose site interviewed Danny. More here: 18montrose.com

We caught up with Danny, too, to ask him about it:

So Danny, do you think fashion modelling will become another string to your bow?

That string is well and truly broken.

How do you get the ‘N’s the right way round when writing on the inside of a window?

I studied a 3 year college degree in reverse writing. 

Where do you recommend for a hot bagel?

Brick lane (you know the one. On the right) or Sunday morning on Moortown Corner in Leeds. 

What’s next?

I’ll be modelling golfing gear in the next Littlewoods catalogue.

Photos: Vicky Grout