James Joyce

Folio 01.Rimowa

Folio 02.Posters

  • NYT
  • Gay Marriage
  • Social Media
  • Style Selection

Folio 03.Editorial

Folio 04.Editorial Covers

Folio 05.The New York Times

Folio 06.Drawings

Folio 07.Objects

James Joyce worked with KesselsKramer to design a series of patterns to form part of the hotel Pulitzer’s new identity. Each pattern is informed by the various services available in the hotel. The patterns appear traditional at first glance but on closer scrutiny many of them are made up of various everyday objects such as detergent containers, buckets, and vacuum cleaners.

Folio 08.KesselsKramer - Pulitzer Amsterdam

  • Rainbow Cup
  • Chemical World
  • Messy Burger
  • Pill
  • Beauty Spot
  • Positive Light
  • We're Doomed
  • Breed New York

Folio 09.Iconic

  • This This and This
  • Mindfull
  • Anti Hero
  • Same Old Planet
  • OHNO
  • Dollar Kiss

Folio 10.Type & Image

Folio 11.Dismaland - ‘Perseverance in the Face of Absurdity’

Folio 12.Art