Steven Wilson

Folio 01.Krunk

Steven Wilson has used 3D in his pieces for some time, and has recently started using C4D software while developing new work. As he says, “It’s really exciting to add another tool to our working methods, and it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities”. You can see how he’s used the software in these latest examples for clients including Citroën, Hans Zimmer and Karl Lagerfeld.

Folio 02.3D

Folio 03.Hermès

Folio 04.Karl Lagerfeld

Folio 05.Kiehls

Folio 06.Type 2

Folio 07.Isometric

Folio 08.Type 2

Folio 09.Type 1

Folio 10.Portraits

Folio 11.Music

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Folio 13.Showreel