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Back at BEAMS for tee

Earlier this year, Matt Blease worked with BEAMS T, the t-shirt department of renowned Japanese fashion brand BEAMS on designs for shirts. We’re pleased to say that early this summer he was invited to create a couple of new designs. Those designs are now on sale at BEAMS stores and will be available at their online store in a week or so.

If you’re wondering about the themes of the t-shirts, Matt is happy to explain:

“BEAMS is by far my favourite store, and Tokyo my favourite city, so it’s a real honour for me to have worked on these.

With both tees I wanted to play with an iconic image that people are really familiar with and flip it – try to create a bit of a double take kinda thing.

I was working on these early summer at the height of my moon landing/NASA nerd-out, so a moon-landing theme definitely felt appropriate. 

Also, I quite like that the Liberty tee has a subtle nod to my previous career before I started drawing full time.”

(In case you were wondering, Matt used to work as a senior designer at Liberty).