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Listen up 2022!

My favourite podcasts – Annie Atkins, Graphic Designer and Breed artist

We’re staring another year of asking friends and acquaintances of Breed about their favourite podcasts. To kick off 2022, we’ve asked our very own Annie Atkins to tell us about what and who she likes to listen to when she gets the chance.

As most of you know, Annie is a graphic designer who specialises in creating the film props, like signs, posters and other objects, that pop up in the background to establish the period and authenticity of a scene. Her work has appeared in Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel and Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies. She also uses her typographical skills for other commercial clients, that have included Hendrick’s Gin and Korean make-up brand Hera in recent times.

Here are Annie’s choices:

99% Invisible 

Roman Mars’s podcast about all the design in the world that we just don’t notice any more – like the architecture and town planning that we walk through every day and pretty much completely ignore because we take it for granted. Fascinating to hear about the design processes behind things like revolving doors and trash cans – we just don’t really consider certain things to have designers behind them until we stop to think about it. 

Adam Buxton 

Adam’s interviews are famously warm and funny, and I love listening to them while I work. He picks such interesting people to talk to. I love to hear about the personal lives of the people behind the art I love, like the comedy writers of my favourite television series. 

Slate Culture Gabfest 

This was the first podcast I ever listened to, a decade ago, so the presenters now feel like old friends to me. June, Stephen Metcalfe, Dana, and Julia’s fortnightly critique of three pieces of culture.