Brent Cross Town

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Steven Wilson – Mural in Brent Cross Town

Brent Cross purposes

Brent Cross Town is a new development in north London, including affordable homes, a new university campus, a new mainline station, and a retirement village. At its heart is Claremont Park, opened in 2022, and at the western end of the park is a boldly colourful mural created by Steven Wilson. It will welcome visitors coming from Brent Cross West station once it opens, acting as a gateway to the new town centre.

The mural, called ‘Yesterday, Tomorrow’ features a collage of local characters like Helena Bonham Carter and Zadie Smith, plus other images related to the heritage of the area, including the fabled ‘Beast of Barnet’. As Steven describes the piece: “I wanted it to be somewhere between form and abstraction so some elements may remain hidden at first glance but emerge the longer you look!”