Browns East

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Danny Sangra – new installation at Browns East

Psychic Hotline

You may have heard of automatism, a technique used by the Dadaists and surrealists to allow the unconscious mind to express itself without constraint. The idea of automatic writing was pioneered by British artist Austin Osman Spare and later used by André Breton – letting the words flow free without conscious thought. André Masson then translated this idea to automatic drawing. Jump forward to the Beats and William Burroughs started cutting up newspaper stories and his own writing, placing the pieces back together in random order to reveal new meanings and, perhaps, hints of the future. David Bowie adopted a version of this technique to produce some of his most famous lyrics.

Why are we telling you all this and what on earth does it have to do with Danny Sangra’s forthcoming installation/exhibition in Shoreditch, you’re probably wondering? Well, it’s called Psychic Hotline and was created by Danny randomly putting together lots of his drawings to see what the juxtapositions suggested to him. And then using the results to make some bold predictions for what might come to pass in 2022. Danny’s predictive works will be installed throughout the space of fashion boutique Browns East in Club Row, E2 in the near future. We can confidently predict you’ll be able to see them there in early 2022, unforeseen pandemic variations permitting. Some of the works will be painted directly on to the walls, while banners containing texts and drawings will link them together and add some extra colour. As soon as we know what the future holds more precisely, we’ll update you here.

Jan 2022 – 30th June 2022