Converse - Kate Moross

Converse – Kate Moross and Steven Wilson

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Converse. Welcome to The Garage: New EHQ opens in Hilversum, Netherlands

September 2015 saw the new Converse Europe’s headquarters in Hilversum, Netherlands opening its doors for business and creativity. The building is officially named ‘The Garage’. The name is literal (the space is above a car garage), but it’s also inspired by the idea of a garage being a place of creativity, ingenuity, collaboration and passionate work.

Both Kate Moross and Steven Wilson were asked to provide artwork for the building. Kate created a type piece, Turn Up The Volume, while Steven created Old Glory, taking its title from the nickname of the US flag and with a design based around the flag’s stars and stripes.

The Garage itself is far more than just a place to tinker with engines. It is a modern workplace with a thoughtful design – a space that vibrates with energy, creativity and inspiration. It’s all-at-once authentic to Converse, its people and its European locale.

As the millions who wear Converse sneakers all over the world would agree, not all creatives create in the same way. What The Garage has done is embrace those unique perspectives, and customise the building according to each team’s specific style.

From the moment anyone walks through the front doors of The Garage, their creativity and inspiration are nurtured. It is a headquarters where those with a creative spirit are compelled to get on their feet, connect with fellow team members, and use the space around them as a resource. The Garage is inherently Converse.

The only thing left to do is appreciate the amazing work that’s bound to come out of the venture now and in the future.

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