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Danny Sangra’s Film Diary – the box set

If you know Danny Sangra, you’ll know he has a minor obsession with films. And when we say minor we mean major. That was why we recently asked him to compile a list of his favourite cinemas, which we planned to publish.

Since then, things have taken an unexpected turn and we’ve entered some very testing times. Times in which visits to the cinema look set to be on hold for a while. Though Danny is also here to help a little as we start to self-isolate. A while back, we mentioned that Danny posts a monthly film diary on Instagram. It lists the films, and occasional TV show, he’s seen that month, along with his impressions and thoughts on some of them.

Realising the present situation, he’s recently put them all together on his Instagram – #dannysfilmdiary so you can get a few recommendations straight from the man to while away a little time on the sofa.

This is in lieu of his guide to cinemas, which hopefully we’ll be able to reschedule, like so many things at the moment, later in the year.