Short film by Danny Sangra celebrates Mrs Biccles Biscuits

New short film celebrates Mrs Biccles Biscuits

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New short film by Danny Sangra celebrates Mrs Biccles Biscuits comeback

Now, anyone can tell you the British love a biscuit, whether they prefer dunking a digestive or breaking open a custard cream. And Danny’s latest short film touches on a forgotten part of British biscuit history – ‘Mrs Biccles Biscuits’. No? Well, decades ago, Mrs Biccles Biscuits was launched, asking the public ‘Would you like to try one?’. Sadly, the answer at the time was a polite ‘Not really, thank you’ and the company went bankrupt.

But now, Mrs Biccles Biscuits are back after 39 years and Danny has helped them celebrate with his short film ‘Mrs Biccles Biscuits’.

That’s what Danny tells us, anyway, and he’s a man who knows his wafers from his Garibaldis. Will Mrs Biccles be second time lucky? Would you like to try one? Why not have a nibble of ‘Mrs Biccles Biscuits’ to find out?

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