Danny Sangra’s Playlist of the Month

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Breed’s playlist of the month

After the success of #BreedPodcastoftheMonth a while back, we decided to ask our artists for more recommendations, this time on their musical listening pleasures. Each month we’ll be asking one of our artists which ten tracks have been repeat played on their music player, spun most often on their deck or turned up when they come on the radio most often. What’s formed the soundtrack to their life in recent weeks.

For October we’re asking Danny Sangra which ten tracks he’s been listening to this month.

Daniel Johnston:

I Saw Her Standing There (Beatles cover)

Walking the Cow

Held the Hand

‘After the passing of Daniel Johnston, I’ve been playing him on repeat.’

The Mamas and the Papas: 

Twelve Thirty 

‘This always makes me think of LA on a lazy day.’


Slang Editorial 

‘One of those tracks I listened a lot in high school and found it again.’

Lalo Schifrin:


‘When I write, I write multiple scripts. I usually listen to the same track to keep in the rhythm of writing and mood. Lalo Schifrin is great to write to.’



‘It’s based on one of my all-time favourite Wu-Tang tracks. I kept hearing it in places.’

Milo (featuring Busdriver):


‘A friend recommended this album last year and it’s stayed with me everywhere I go.’

Jacques Dutronc:

Les Gens Sont Fous, Les Temps Sont Flous

‘I recently made a short film with a little homage to Jacques Dutronc. He’s been played a lot around my house.’

Punch-Drunk Love soundtrack – various

‘Once again, when I write I need to keep rhythms. I play this entire soundtrack while writing.’