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Natasha Law

Lines and Curves

24th June to 26th August 2016

Eleven is pleased to present new works by Natasha Law in Lines and Curves. She explores the space around the silhouette and the shapes held within each form. Examining angles and viewpoints that reduce the figure to fundamental shapes, the simplified forms become as much about the areas of flat colour as about the actual figure they constitute.

This new series is realised through a range of media including paintings on aluminium, board, paper and collage. The range of surfaces acts as an important instrument for her exploration of shapes, texture and line through her application of household gloss paint which creates the lustrous surface which has become part of her unique style. She introduces collage elements into her paintings on paper. Through extricating shapes from the figure, she then lays them on top in a new layer of paint of paper which emphasises the forms created by the figure and the contrast between the poses, clothing and background.

Her female figures are turned away from the viewer allowing their bodies to serve as conduits for the shapes they create. Looking Behind Her (2015) sees the figure directed completely away from our gaze. As a result, we are slightly shut out whilst also viewing the image from a position that renders the figure vulnerable or exposed to us. Each figure remains entirely anonymous to the viewer as our attention is, indeed, drawn to the line and curves of each body.

Natasha Law was born in 1970. She lives and works in London. Notable exhibitions include Put It On Paper, Eleven, London (2014); Dust in Their Eyes, Eleven, London (2012); Close/Closer, Eleven, London (2010); I Put My Finger on Your, Paul Smith Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (2009); and Romanticism Interrupted, The Viewing Room, Mumbai, India (2008).

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