Film4 Summer Screen Prints at Somerset House

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Steven Wilson is one of the artists asked to create a poster for this year’s Summer Screen Prints at Somerset House. Each artist is asked to design a poster for one of the films being shown in the building’s forecourt during the Film4 Summer Screen programme.

Steven’s poster is for ‘All the President’s Men’, the thriller starring Robert Redford and Dusting Hoffman as real-life Washington Post journalists Woodward and Bernstein, investigating the Watergate scandal, and eventually bringing down Nixon’s White House.

Steven explained the thinking behind his design:

“I like the US flag as an image, so once I was given that film I knew straight away that I would base the design around it somehow. One of the main elements of the Watergate scandal was Nixon recording conversations, so the poster shows the stripes of the flag becoming entangled in a 1970s’ tape reel.”

Steven’s poster forms part of an exhibition at Somerset House, throughout August, and there are prints for sale. You can find out more here.