Folkestone Art Car Boot Fair

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James Joyce at Folkestone Art Car Boot Fair

A couple of months back, you may remember James Joyce was one of those taking part at the hugely successful Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair. Over 100 artists were there, selling exclusive pieces, including Sir Peter Blake and Gavin Turk.

James was invited back last weekend to do the seaside edition at Folkestone Harbour. The Folkestone Art Car Boot Fair took place on Saturday 2 September at the Harbour Arm as part of the Folkestone Triennial and Folkestone Fringe. Once again, Sir Peter Blake and Gavin Turk were there, along with many others, including James, of course.

We caught up with James to ask him about his experience of the Art Car Boot Fairs.

What do you enjoy about the art car boot fairs?

It’s a good atmosphere. There’s a real positive energy there which seems to be part-festival, part-market, and part-art exhibition. There’s music, entertainment, food, and, of course, loads of art bargains to be had.

Was Vauxhall in July your first?

This year was the first time I’d been. I’d always known about it and wanted to go along as a punter but never managed it. I was pleased to be invited to take part this year and sell my work there.

Was the Folkestone experience different?

It was different because the London event is much bigger and there’s a lot more people. But Folkestone was busy too, and I made a lot of sales, so it was definitely worth the journey.

How were sales at the two you’ve done so far?

Great. London, especially, exceeded my expectations.

Do you create works especially for them?

Yes, this year the theme was originals, so alongside all of my other wares I did do an original painting for the London event that was exclusive to the fair. I also did two screen prints especially for the fair.

Did you buy anything, or see anything you were tempted by?

At the London event I managed to get a Harland Miller postcard edition and at Folkestone I bought a Peter Blake print.

Did you enjoy meeting the art-buying public?

I do. It’s nice that some people there know my work already and want to chat, but also it introduces me to loads of other people who didn’t know my work previously.

Did you find people were happy to barter?

Most people seemed happy to pay the asking price as they are already discounted on the day, but if someone is buying a few prints I’ll do them a deal.

 There was a long queue to get in at Vauxhall. Were you taken aback by how popular the events were?

I was surprised at the Vauxhall event. I spoke to people who’d been queuing up since 5am. Folkestone was busy, but London was something else.

Are you planning to do any more?

Yes, definitely up for next year.

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