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This month we talk to Sam Valenti, founder of Ghostly, about visual artist Andy Gilmore

How long have you known Andy and how did you discover his work originally?

7 years, the internet. Probably through the artist PhilistineDSGN. 

Why do you feel he fits well with Ghostly?

Andy’s work has been deeply influential, and getting to know him and his process has been even more inspiring. The work doesn’t placate. 

His approach to colour and technology is as methodical as his hand-drawn work. There is a brilliant harmony to it, but he’s never done. There’s a hunger that is vast and wild. 

How many other artist prints do you sell editions of?

We offer work by Michael Cina, Sougwen, Matthew Shlian, Langdon Graves, Brandon Locher and a few others. 

Do you have a particular personal favourite piece of his work?

I have a skeleton drawing framed on my wall that we featured on our 10th anniversary shirt and called ‘falling forward’. I guess I have a fascination with the ‘living skeleton’ that traces back to Powell Peralta skateboards in the ’80s. This one makes me think of endurance and hope, and Andy’s work has a majestic personal nature that feels like the whole world exists in them. 

How long has Ghostly been going and what is the ethos behind it?

We’re 16 years old and we’ve worked to create a place for artists to explore and create in a genre and medium-agnostic environment. 

What’s next for Ghostly?

More exploration and opportunities to connect art and ideas to everyday life and vice versa. 

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