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James Joyce – 21 Silver Linings postcard set

No clouds here

Each year, Greenspace, a design consultancy that helps brands work towards a positive future, has published 21 Silver Linings, a project that focuses on 21 stories from the previous year that are filled with optimism. They see this as particularly important in times when the news has been filled with pandemics and war. This year sees the third edition of 21 Silver Linings celebrating how community and collaboration can create positivity, with stories ranging from rooftop spaces rethought for green initiatives, communities saving independent music venues and football fans helping to alleviate the effects of local poverty.

James has turned these 21 stories into a set of 21 postcards, which can be put together to create one large illustrative scene. The edition is printed on G . F Smith Extract paper – recycled from disposable coffee cups.