Groote Museum Amsterdam

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Matt Blease has created a series of ads for the new Groote Museum in Amsterdam. We say new museum, though in fact, the museum is one of the oldest museums in the city, dating back to 1855. It’s just been closed to the public since 1947, and has now been renovated by ARTIS as a space to raise awareness of the connections between humanity and nature. The museum itself is probably best placed to describe what to expect: ‘Visitors will be taken on an emotional expedition that involves their own body, art installations, organic materials, smells and sounds, leading them to ask themselves, ‘Who am I, where did I come from, where do I want to go? What does it mean to be human, and am I alone or connected?’

Unless you speak Dutch, you may find Matt’s posters difficult to understand, so here are quick translations:

Is it ever really quiet?

What am I?

What does it smell like in here?

Do I keep growing?

And if those aren’t intriguing enough to get you to the museum nothing is. As the strapline says. Come to the Groote Museum with all your big questions.