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James Joyce – illustrates Douglas Coupland in FT magazine

Trying to look on the bright side of climate change

The team-up between James Joyce and writer Douglas Coupland continues in this weekend’s Financial Times magazine. James illustrates a piece by Coupland on the difficulty of being an optimist in a world where people bombarded with information tend to swing between emotional extremes, viewing anyone trying to be positive with great suspicion. He cites a recent dinner party where the discussion turned to climate change as an example of what he terms ‘noptimism’.

You can read the full article, and much more in the FT magazine this weekend.

At the end of last year we published James Joyce’ illustrations created for an essay by Douglas Coupland. The essay was written as part of the exhibition ’24/7: A Wake-Up Call for our Non-Stop World’ which runs until 23 Feb 2020. You can find the illustrations here.