how to keep occupied during lockdown

MATCHESFASHION: How to keep occupied during lockdown

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 Yet more things to do during lockdown

Over the last couple of weeks, here and here, we’ve been keeping you up-to-date with a series being run by MATCHESFASHION via email and social media on ideas for keeping yourself occupied during the lockdown. All of them illustrated by James Joyce.

The series is appearing through MATCHESFASHION MAN and MATCHESFASHION WOMAN channels and so far has included Movie Night, Playlist and Book Club, Daily Workout, and Listen In, each created with help from friends of MATCHESFASHION.

For the third week running, new strands have been added, so now you can also enjoy these:

The Download – apps that are proving popular with friends including Colville’s Molly Molloy, Marie-Louise Scio, Jasmine HemsleyAnna Laub and Irene Neuwirth.

Self Care – tips on looking after yourself from the MATCHESFASHION community, including Nicholas Kirkwood, Marie-Louise Scio, Colville’s Lucinda Chambers, Aerin Lauder and Jasmine Hemsley.

Try at Home – hobbies you may enjoy with ideas from Nicholas Kirkwood, Ahluwalia’s Priya Ahluwalia, Georgia Kemball, Noon GoonsKurt Narmore and Spencer Phipps.

You can also share your own thoughts, tips and recommendations on all the above in the comments on Instagram using #CheckingIn.

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