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Podcast of the Month with Jennifer Higgie

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New Podcast of the Month

After running a series last year, where we asked our artists to recommend their favourite podcasts, we decided to follow up on its popularity by running a second series. This time we’ve thrown the net a little wider, asking some of our clients and other friends what they choose to listen to in their spare moments.

For our March edition our guest is: Jennifer Higgie

Jennifer is the London-based editor-at-large for Frieze, the company behind frieze magazine, Frieze Masters Magazine and Frieze Week, as well as international art fairs in London, LA and New York. She is also the host of the Frieze podcast Bow Down: Women in Art History, and has just delivered the manuscript for her forthcoming book on historic women’s painted self-portraits The Mirror and the Palette.

How do you discover new podcasts?

I stumble around until one leaps out. Usually because someone says, ‘have you heard…?’

Do you have favourite subjects? 

Art, writing, film, design. How to make sense of the world. I’d also like to know more about astronomy and animals. And laugh more.

When do you listen to them?

Usually on my way to somewhere else. They make the tube more bearable

In no particular order, this week I’m loving …

  1. You Must Remember This

Presented by Karina Longworth, this is an addictive exploration of the secret or forgotten histories of Hollywood: long-lost films, faded movie stars, the invention of waterproof make-up, the first weight-loss guru etc etc. The last episode I listened to was about the rise, fall and rise again of the Depression-era superstar, Marie Dressler.

  1. 99% Invisible

Hosted by Roman Mars, this podcast is about design, in the widest sense of the word – the stuff we use every day and don’t notice or particularly think about – such as cookies, parking meters, maps, buses, signs, fonts etc. – and how they intersect with our real lives.

  1. Have You Heard George’s Podcast?

Poetry, music, relationships, politics, inner-city life, aural soundscapes, insights, stories. And more from George the Poet. Like mini-films projected into your imagination.

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