Breed presents… The Podcast. John Pawson

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Breed presents… The Podcast 


Breed presents… has been living on our website for a few years now, as a simple printed Q&A with individuals we admire in the creative world, taking in everyone from chefs and magazine editors to architects and gallery curators, as well as the artists who form our own area of expertise.

Among the people we’ve interviewed are Anya Hindmarch, Alexandra Shulman, Bella Freud, Yolanda Edwards, Jackson Boxer, Tim Marlow from The Design Museum and Florence Knight. Both the most recent and older editions of the series can be read on our website at your leisure.

But this year, we’ve taken Breed presents… into new territory – as a podcast. We started last month with artist, illustrator and creative powerhouse Steven Wilson. And we’re following up this month with architect John Pawson. John was a guest on the print version of Breed presents… not so long ago, and even then we were barely able to touch on all the facets of his career. So, we’ve got him back for the second edition of Breed presents… The Podcast, which you can listen to wherever you find your podcasts, though the link to Spotify is here.

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Image: Gilbert McCarragher