British Airways' The Art of Travel postcard set by Matt Blease

British Airways & The Art of Travel

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Making plane

Some time ago we mentioned that Matt Blease was to be one of 18 artists involved in creating collector’s editions of postcards to celebrate the 100th birthday of British Airways in conjunction with the Sunday Times. As is the nature of these things, it took a little longer than originally thought, but we’re happy to confirm that the packs were released in The Sunday Times on 29 December.

Called ‘The Art of Travel – Centenary Collection: Celebrating 100 years in the skies’ each of the three packs available contains six limited edition postcards, featuring artwork created by different leading British artists to celebrate the spirit of travel. As you can see, Matt’s contribution looks at the most accessible way to take up flying.

The sets were produced by Bridge Studio at News UK in collaboration with British Airways and Creative Director Sachini Imbuldeniya.