Illustrator Matt Blease reveals his playlist of the month

Matt Blease’s Playlist of the Month

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Illustrator Matt Blease reveals his playlist of the month

Each month we ask one of our artists which ten tracks have been repeat played on their music player, spun most often on their deck or turned up when they come on the radio in recent weeks.

This time round, for November, we hear from Matt Blease about his favourite current listening (spoiler alert – he quite likes The Beatles).


My name is Jonas

25 years ago I was riding around on my BMX with this track screaming out of my headphones. I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time this year tracking down very niche bike parts to get my BMX rolling again. You can keep your Porsche, this is how I do a mid-life crisis.


Wedding Bells

The whole album is amazing from start to finish. This is on a lot, especially when I’m with my daughter Roma, who can’t get enough of Metronomy.


Golden Slumbers (2019 Mix)

I could have just listed ten tracks from the 50th Anniversary edition of Abbey Road, It’s been on so much in the studio in the last few weeks! This version is the new stereo album mix, sourced directly from the original eight-track session tapes. It’s amazing to hear songs you are so familiar with mixed differently, makes you almost feel like you’re listening for the first time.


Wait In The Car

This album came out last year but I’ve only just got into it. The whole album lasts for about half an hour, often find myself putting it back to the start and listening all over again. A great album to draw to.


Come Together (2019 Mix)

One of my all-time favourite Beatles songs. Full of nonsensical lyrics that make my brain happy.

Dawn Penn:

You Don’t Love Me

Our daughter Roma’s favourite track. From the first note her eyes light up and she starts dancing, a total joy to watch!


Love Is Strange

This is my arrive at the studio, hang my coat up, make a coffee, get settled in and get going song. 


The End (2019 Mix)

I know, I know, another Beatles song, but oh my god! You need to listen to the three-way guitar solos by John, Paul and George on a decent stereo or headphones. It puts you in the room, you feel like you’re in the studio watching the three of them having the best time ever. 

Public Service Broadcasting:


Being a Nasa/Moon landing nerd, I thought I would have killed this track after such a commemorative summer, but it’s just so good! Captures such a moment of hope and wonder. 

John Lennon:

Watching the Wheels

I’ve always loved this song, but really made a connection with it this year. Life is short, go spend it with the people you love and stop stressing about work.