M&C Saatchi – The House of St. Barnabas

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This week, The House of St. Barnabas in Soho launched a new project to preserve some of the fonts of old Soho, as seen on signs around the area, before they’re lost forever to the developers. Called Lost & Foundry from The House of St. Barnabas the seven selected typefaces are each named after their signs, from ‘Charity’ named after the old St Barnabas font itself, to ‘Berwick’ taken from an old Berwick Street sign. The seven fonts are available to buy from the Fontsmith online shop, as well as on a limited edition set of posters.

One of the posters was designed by Steven Wilson. We showed a teaser recently but here it is in all its glory. The six other artists involved are;  Anthony Burrill, Dangerous Minds, SMiLE Street Art, I Love Dust, Morag Myerscough and Supermundane.

The event was hosted my M&C Saatchi.

See more at lostandfoundry.org.uk 

All proceeds are donated to The House of St. Barnabas.