Montacute Yards map

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James Joyce – illustrations for Montacute Yards map

Putting Shoreditch on the map

Montacute Yards is a new development in Shoreditch, including seven units for independent businesses and restaurants around a central public space that will host pop-up events and a market, plus a Fora workspace designed to accommodate 1,200 creatives.

James Joyce worked with Show Media, providing illustrations for a map of Shoreditch that shows Montacute Yards in the context of its locale. James’s illustrations highlight iconic sites in the area, including: Goodhood, The Tea Building, SCP, Albion, The Hoxton, P.C., Montcalm, Spitalfields Market, The Light Bar, Padella, CitizenM, Boundary Gardens, Gloria, Brick Lane and Columbia Road Flower Market.

Montacute Yards takes its name from Elizabeth Montacute, who was Prioress of Holywell Priory from 1340-1357. The priory stood on what is now Holywell Lane, just around the corner from Montacute Yards.