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Once upon a time we used to have spaces in the day, perhaps when travelling to work, going for a run, sitting in bed, when we might spend some time reading a book, listening to music, or vacantly gazing into space, thinking about nothing in particular. Not any longer, nowadays many of us are filling that time with podcasts.

But there are so many podcasts out there, how do you decide what to listen to? We often go by recommendations from friends and colleagues. So, we thought each month we’d ask one of our friends and colleagues at Breed about which podcasts they’d recommend.

This month: Natasha Law

How do you discover new podcasts?

Most podcasts I steal from my partner Fintan, who always seems to find the interesting stuff. I come across them playing in the kitchen and start listening and then have a look at his phone to see what it’s called. My all-time favourite, ‘Serial’, I’m pretty sure was first recommended to me by a friend when we were comparing what we liked to listen to while working in the studio.

Actually, quite a few recommendations get thrown around once you start having a conversation about a podcast you discover both of you love – these don’t always stick. Someone really enthused about ‘Caliphate’ but it didn’t really hook me in.

Years ago, back before I realised there was a whole world of podcasts out there, I made do very happily with ‘In Our Time’ – that was a radio-to-podcast transition I made once I realised I could.

Do you have favourite subjects that you seek out?

Don’t think I really have a favourite subject – the journalist or podcaster is what really sets the deal on if I keep listening. I was completely obsessed by everything and anything from ‘This American Life’ for ages, whether it is anecdotal stories, political and social commentary or the fantastic ‘Serials’ series they produce. I’ve downloaded ‘Criminal’ after it was referenced on a more chatty podcast because I really like true crime. Fintan got me hooked on ‘Heavyweight’ and we all shut up to listen when that’s on.

When do you listen to them?

Honestly I listen to them A LOT. Quite often something will be on in the kitchen in the morning and then I’ll listen to one or two while I’m working during the day – I’m on my own in the studio and it’s like having company whilst also being drawn into some really interesting tale – like overhearing a very well told anecdote on the bus. And then maybe have some playing while cooking in evening.

Which three podcasts would you recommend?

  1. This American Life

Huge range of subjects to choose from – nothing dry or dusty about any of it and the big ‘Serials’ too if you want.

Find it here.

  1. Heavyweight

Recent addition but totally addicted now. Jonathan Goldstein accompanies people back to confront a moment in their life when things seemed to go so wrong it bothers them.

Find it here.

  1. In Our Time

Still love this and never get bored by it (unless it’s on neutrons). One hour listening to a few people condense into an hour the cultural origins of Angels or discussing Dark Matter in a way that for that hour you think you actually understand it.

Find it here.

Photos: Cat Garcia