Wildest dreams

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In testing times, the occasional escape into fantasy can be a solace. And no-one does worlds of wonder and the fantastique quite like Neal Murren. As evidence, we present three of his works, each of them almost impossible to take in fully in their detail and filled with references to Lewis Carroll, fairy-tales, the circus, dreams and nightmares.

Taking their young
Circus characters chase and catch wild animals in a blue jungle. Created with blue pencil, pastels and watercolours.

Race to the finish
A variety of pilots, drivers and creatures race one another on their charges and in their vehicles through the bright blue sky, careering towards an unknown finishing line. Neal used a combination of pencils and watercolours in this one.

We know less about this one, but there’s so much going on, it’s probably best to simply leave you to explore it in your own time and decide for yourself what all these characters are up to