New short film ‘Damaged Goods’

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Danny Sangra – New short film ‘Damaged Goods

Damage done

Are you ready for ‘Damaged Goods’, Danny’s latest short film? Yes, it’s time to step once again into that slightly off-kilter world Danny inhabits. This time we’re picking up with Anne Margolis, who top fans may remember being involved in the Tokyo reopening of the Valerie Mallory Gallery years ago, and who might also have had some involvement in ‘Goldbricks in Bloom’. Anyway, this is a film about a film Anne is making called ‘Damaged Goods’, which is also the title of this film. All straight? Anne is doing everything in her film – writing, directing, catering and playing every role, because it gives her a much better chance of winning an award for something. There’s also a boat, a lovely colour-coordinated kitchen and a moustache (probably fake). And much, much more.

So, it’s clearly time to get your toothbrush on the pulse and catch up with both Anne Margolis and Danny’s ever-expanding oeuvre here

We’ve included some film stills here too.