New watercolour works

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Showcasing three new personal pieces from Elisa.

The first is called ‘Taller’ and was produced for a watercolour workshop she does every month. In fact, the words on the piece of paper at the centre translate to say that there are still places available at a watercolour workshop. And who wouldn’t go along if they serve cinnamon buns that look that good?

Secondly, a watercolour called ‘Una Misma’, which translates as ‘oneself’. It was painted at Elisa’s home, including a variety of items she found around the house, to create a composition in blue, red and green.

And finally, a piece inspired by Elisa’s visit to a local bar. It’s titled ‘Susanita’ after the diminutive of the name of the author of the book in the piece. Elisa changed the title and author in the painting, so you’ll have to guess who it might have been originally. Though it might also have been named after an Argentinian comic character called Susanita.