On Design podcast 

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Matt Blease – subject of the On Design podcast

On Design 

Matt Blease is the latest guest on the On Design podcast. Hosted by illustrator and communications consultant Justyna Green, On Design has been going for over four years, regularly turning up among the top ten design podcasts in the UK. Justyna talks to prominent figures from the world of art and design, finding out about the trials and triumphs of their career, what inspires them, and how they work.

In Matt’s case, he discusses how he moved from working in branding and graphic design with agencies to discovering his own illustrative style in his 30s. On the way, he offers tips on getting noticed and finding work in the post-pandemic world and the role of humour in his work.

The On Design podcast is published each Wednesday and can be found on all major podcasting platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. You can find full details of Matt’s episode and more here.