Our Time No.2

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Our Time No. 2

In 2014, Catherine Garcia released the 252-page book Our Time No. 1 – a series of portraits celebrating and documenting some of the most creative minds in the arts, in settings personally meaningful to them. Among those featured were Sir Peter Blake, Danny Sangra, Quentin Jones, Sir Paul Smith, and Bella Freud.

Our Time is now going to be an ongoing series, and we’re very happy to be able to say that Cat started shooting again in June this year for Our Time No. 2. This will be a series of portrait stories shown online, with a video A Minute of Our Time, accompanying the stills. Among the creatives confirmed so far are architectural designer John Pawson (seen below), writer and creative Jodie Harrison, editor and journalist Michelle Jana Chan, art historian and curator Kate Bryan, actor Remmie Milner, ceramicist Reiko Kaneko, and interior designer Fran Hickman.

There are more people to come and no-one’s keener than we are to see the images. We’ll be sure to update you as the series progresses.