Pearl Chrysler

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Danny Sangra presents Pearl Chrysler

Danny Sangra has released a new short film – Pearl Chrysler.

A noir tale set in New York’s Alphabet City, and, at least according to the credits, inspired by the ‘award-winning novel Turbo Violence’ by Joe Quogue, it tells the story of young woman Pearl. She’s immersed in the world of old gangster movies, hardboiled detectives and down-at-heel diners. What is her story? And why does she speak in a deep, guttural voice? You’ll have to watch to find out. Perhaps Bogart was on to something when he said When the heavy, full of crime and bitterness, grabs his wounds and talks about death and taxes in a husky voice, the audience is his and his alone.’ Or hers, in Pearl’s case.

You can see more here