Podcast of the Month with Paula Castro

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Our favourite podcasts

Once upon a time we used to have spaces in the day, perhaps when travelling to work, going for a run, sitting in bed, when we might spend some time reading a book, listening to music, or vacantly gazing into space, thinking about nothing in particular. Not any longer, nowadays many of us are filling that time with podcasts.

But there are so many podcasts out there, how do you decide what to listen to? We often go by recommendations from friends and colleagues. So, we thought each month we’d ask one of our friends and colleagues at Breed about which podcasts they’d recommend.

This month: Paula Castro

Do you have favourite subjects that you seek out?

Yes, I seek out music, art and philosophy.

When do you listen to them?

Usually while I’m drawing.

Which three podcasts would you recommend?

Issue Project Room

A forum for discovering new and unusual music, performance and artistic endeavour of all kinds. This particular episode focuses on the unique Henry Flynt, avant-garde musician and original coiner of the term ‘concept art’.

Find it here


A platform where guests can create their own mixtapes to share with the world. The one recommended here was created by ßAßI, translates as ‘a tattooed tear’ and includes Alicia Keys and ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ among its delights.

The Loss Adjusters

A series in three parts designed to be listened to while walking around Portland Bill, an island in Dorset. Each episode features mythical inhabitants of the island, The Loss Adjusters themselves and a mysterious writer, among other characters.

Find it here.

The visual included here is a new piece by Paula Castro, which forms part of a pair that see foodstuffs transforming into something else entirely. This one is called ‘Raton Pera Todojunto’ which translates as ‘mouse and pear altogether’. As you can see that’s a fair description as pears, both whole and sliced, change in a sequence of images into something closely resembling a famous mouse.