Podcast of the Month with Olivia Woodgate

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My favourite podcasts

In 2019 we ran a series where we asked our artists to talk about their favourite podcasts. It seemed to be popular, so this year we’re expanding the remit and asking some of our clients and other friends to do the same thing. This month we’re talking to Olivia Woodgate at Wonderland magazine.

Independent and international, Wonderland is not a magazine that believes in limitations. It covers fashion, art, music, film and popular culture across all areas, always with its own distinctive take. And, perhaps most importantly, everything and everyone in its pages looks immaculate – they make sure to work with the best photographers around today. You’ll find it in any decent newsagent or in their own online shop.

Now over to Olivia, who’s Art Director at the magazine, to talk about the choice of podcasts:

So, pre-lockdown I loved listening to podcasts on my hour-long commute to the office. I’ve now been working from home for around four months. Sometimes I feel very uninspired by my own music choices, so to break that rhythm I listen to podcasts or read articles/books, here are my favourite podcasts to listen to at the moment.

2 Bears, 1 Cave

At the start of lockdown, my housemates and I discovered the respective stand up shows of American comedians Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer. We very quickly became obsessed and binged all their shows on Netflix. I later found out that they host this podcast together, where they just talk shit and they never fail to make me laugh.

TED Talks Daily

This is more of a serious podcast – I like to watch TED talks when I can, but while I work I find it easier to listen to TED Talks Daily for well-presented nuggets of information on various topics. There was a particularly interesting episode last week where Bill Gates spoke about what our near future might look like in this pandemic.


I, as well as many other people out there, have been trying to educate myself as much as I can about the history of slavery and systemic racism in the US and UK. The information presented in this podcast is extremely important and very helpful in understanding the impact of racism in terms of the societal structures that are in place today.