New studio in New York

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After being based in London for a while, Quentin has recently moved back to New York, opening a new studio in Spring Street, SoHo. We spoke to her about her return to Manhattan and what she has planned for the near future.

You’ve been based in London for a while, but previously lived and spent time in New York. What’s it like being back?

So different actually – now with two kids and a house in Brooklyn, compared to my single girl in the East Village days. You can imagine it is quite a different pace. But my studio is back in SoHo, so there is some continuity.  

What motivated the move back to New York?

I actually would have happily stayed here all along, but I had moved back for my husband. And now he is launching his company over here, so it gave us the perfect excuse to move.  

How was the transition?

Moving the furniture, and leaving our London house, was a real pain. But finally, the dust has settled and I am fully back in work mode, and excited for the year ahead here. 

Do you consider both cities home?

Home is still London. Maybe one day it will be both. But for now, New York still feels like an adventure. 

Tell us about your new studio and how you found it.

Relentless combing of every property website and craigslist! Such a bore. And the amount of rat-holes you see at the same price is insane. 

From Soho, London to SoHo, Manhattan – is being based in somewhere called Soho a deal-breaker?

Ha ha! I just realised that being someone who works alone a lot, or with just one or two others, that being connected to the city and friends nearby makes for a better frame of mind. 

What projects do you have lined up for 2020?

I have been working a lot with Carolina Herrera and have two fragrance commercials with them launching this year. And I just did a really fun trip to Mexico City with Shopbop – a film and two stills projects will come from that. Otherwise, I am working on a new narrative film piece, and would love to think of an occasion for a new art show. 

Do you have any favourite eating and drinking spots in New York you’d recommend?

Yes – Henry Public near my house in Brooklyn, as well as the Long Island Bar are both ideal local cocktail places. In the city, we tend to end up in hotels like the Bowery or the Marlton for quick pre-dinner drinks. And always dirty gin martinis.  

Are there any exhibitions in the city you’re keen to get to?

I am ashamed to say I haven’t had a chance to look at what’s on at the moment. On my next free day it will be my promise to myself to soak up some culture.