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Matt Blease produced a set of illustrations for the Doppio, Rapha’s outlet for reporting on bicycle racing. The Doppio is usually printed and marries playful visuals with pithy, insightful copy. At this year’s cycling road world championships in Richmond, Virginia, Rapha printed and handed out three editions of the 20-page newspapers, with a total print run of 100,000. They reached out to collaborate with Matt because they wanted a truly special commission to be the front cover of the final edition.

Matt’s illustrations accompanied a great piece of writing by former racer and now writer Joe Parkin on an infamous moment in American cycling history, when the enigmatic, tortured Michel Zanoli punched American hero Davis Phinney at the climax of a race in Richmond, Virginia over twenty years ago. As a brand Rapha were proud to be able to publish content of the highest standard, combining excellent writing with Matt’s creative, impactful artwork.

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  • Rapha Matt Blease
  • Rapha Matt Blease