Room Service and Euphoria

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Danny Sangra orders Room Service and Euphoria

Danny has just released a new short film, ‘Room Service and Euphoria’ in collaboration with Laboratory Perfumes. It stars Rory DCS as Tobias Medallion, a character we find relaxing in a hotel room (watching Danny’s earlier film ‘Goldbricks in Bloom, in fact) when a friend calls to say she’s on her way over. Rory decides to freshen up, using a little of Laboratory Perfumes’ Tonka to help. But when he calls room service, the scent of Tonka proves more potent than expected.

Shot at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, like many of Danny’s films, this one is connected to others – Tobias Medallion having also appeared in ‘10am Margarita’ and ‘The Story of Tobias Medallion’.

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